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Feeling under the weather? Follow these remedies for college sickness

As college students, we’re no strangers to the infamous frat flu and the annual semester sickness, but what do you do when you’re miles away from home and mom can’t make you her miracle chicken soup?Here is a step-by-step guide on w...

Let’s COPE: What the UM counseling organization can do for you

According to the Mayo Health Clinic, 44% of college students struggle with depression, but only 25% seek guidance — UM’s Counseling Outre...

Democratic victories and abortion rights win big on Election Day 2023

Democrats celebrated notable victories on Election Day 2023, showcasing their strength in national debates on key issues, most specifically in regard ...


Miami standout receiver Colbie Young enters transfer portal

The Miami Hurricanes received some unexpected news Saturday afternoon as wide receiver Colbie Young announced he is entering his name into the transfer portal. Young was originally a JUCO transfer from Lackawanna College and played two seasons for th...

Diana Khodan’s journey from player to coach after injury

Diana Khodan played her last tennis match in a Miami uniform on April 1, 2022.It was perhaps her best performance of the season — a resounding s...

Miami WBB Stays Undefeated With Win Over NJIT

Another game, another win for Miami Hurricanes women’s basketball.The Hurricanes moved to 7-0 on the season with an 87 to 43 victory over the Ne...


Remembering the importance of community in the age of individuality

It’s no secret that we’re living in an age of growing isolation. 79% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 24 reported feelings of loneliness in a survey conducted by Cigna. It’s gotten to the point where, last May, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Viv...

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Eight tips to prioritize your mental health during final exam season

According to a survey on stress in college students from the American Addiction Center, 89% of respondents said they felt stress from exams. Large stacks of final tests, projects, presentations and essays can be overwhelming for students to take on o...

Blind Frost student learns music production with UM alum’s audio workshop for visually-impaired musicians

The recent UM grad developed a passion for teaching music to visually-impaired students in Colombia, where Salas took a workshop on braille and music while completing his bachelor’s degree in 2018. This passion followed him to UM, fueling his m...


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