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Tuesday, April 23, 2024
April 23 , 2024

Frat Flu: The 0.1% of bacteria that Clorox can’t kill

The frats on campus are known for many things, one of them being the germs inside. No, we’re not talking about the brothers (for once), but the place they live in. Taking a page from Sue Sylvest...

Whatever Happened to Respect Your Elders?

Ah, parents weekend. A time-honored tradition at Universities around the country where parents catch a glimpse of life at the school they pay for while students supposedly clean up their acts for thre...

Number 67 in the Nation but Number 1 in Our Hearts

In case you missed it (which you probably did) our beloved University dropped to #67 in the U.S. News and World Reports Ranking. Down 12 spots from last year, it's clear that Alix Earle's success can ...

UBus or Bust?

In honor of the first ‘Canes win of the season — I almost forgot what it felt like to leave Hard Rock happy — I thought it would be only right to talk about the epidemic that is the ...

A Catalog of Characters at UM

As you stumble through the first week of classes, I thought it only fitting to discuss the types of people that I have had the pleasure — or if we are being real — the displeasure of inter...

Fear the freshman-year first love

A word of advice from V? Do not fall for the boy (or girl) next door, especially when they are only a wall away.

The crippling cost of living in America’s most expensive city: An argument ...

When did Publix decide that they’re Whole Foods? When did my landlord decide that because my shower makes a weird gurgling noise that they can charge me for an in-unit jacuzzi?

Miami Madness

Well, it has finally happened … We, the University of Miami, finally have a team to rally behind, to get excited about, to attend a game sober enough to read the score for (can’t say the same for our football team). We, the University of Miami, are a basketball school. Let's celebrate with a little Miami Madness.

I hear wedding bells!

We can all thank Alix Earle, or better I say Mrs. Alix Earle-frat-guy, for helping our campus move toward a more virtuous and monogamous community of happily wedded 20-year-olds. So long, pool parties and Friday night dick-appointements and hello to a life-time of resentment and day drinking (not the fun kind).

Hometown habits die hard

Happy holidays, hometown hoes!

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