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June 19 , 2024

Think before you sign the lease

As we draw closer and closer to the end of another semester, all students go through the same dilemma. No, not whether to get a color full back-tattoo of Donna Shalala giving the U, or if you should stomach eating at Charty’s ever again, but rather where to live next year! The big decision is whether or not to live on-campus, and each side of the decision has its own arguments.

YouNiversity of Miami: My Miami

It’s one of the worst feelings a college student can experience. The phone feels so heavy in your hand, you dredge through slowly typing the numbers in, listening to the dreadful dial tone… “Mom? Yeah, I’m… I’m… I’m broker than MC Hammer." Calling your parents for money is demeaning and something that most of us would like to keep to a minimum.

YouNiversity of Miami: Miami Events

For anybody who has ever read my articles before, first off, I’m sorry, and second, you know my passion to appreciate the college experience and to take advantage of the beautiful, wild city that exists so close to our campus. I’ve talked about how to enjoy life more on a day-to-day basis, how to spend more time outside than inside, and taking pride in the fact that you are an honorary, if not native, Floridian now!

YouNiversity: soak up the Miami sun

Every student here knows someone who has been enduring the freezing cold weather that’s hit our nation hard in the past few weeks. While we’re laying out in the sunshine, they’re shoveling feet of sno...

YouNiversity of Miami: Looking back

Is anyone else astonished that it’s already 2011? It feels like just yesterday it was the carefree 90s, when the Internet was just being developed, you could bring a shaving razor and a full bottle of water onto an airplane, and no one outside New Jersey had ever heard the words “Jersey Shore.” You know, the good old days.

YouNiversity of Miami: Enjoy the semester

Over winter break, some people went overseas and saw exotic countries, and others spent the time wisely and worked hard at a job or internship; however, the majority of people became physically and spiritually one with their couch. However the break was spent, the time has come to an end and another semester has arrived. It’s a fresh start and there are plenty of ways to make sure it will be a successful semester.

YOUniversity of Miami: Finals

With this first semester winding down, the dreaded finals week is drawing ever closer, and we all know what that means. It means hour after hour in the frigid recycled air of Richter library, late nights of typing review guides and final papers, and enough caffeine in your veins to have your blood legally qualify as a type of coffee. The last few days of studying each semester are never fun, but are arguably the most important. After months and months of having to put time and effort in for each individual class, it’s worth it to end strong and give your GPA that little boost. There are tips and tricks that you pick up over the years at the U, and learning them early can save you a great deal of frustration.

Speak Up 12/2

"When you take a break from finals studying, how do you relax?"

Speak Up 11/22

"During this holiday season, what are you most thankful for?"

Speak Up 11/18

"What animated character would you be?"

Evan Peskin

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