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YouNiversity of Miami: Bike Riders

Now it’s certainly true that everyone has the right to choose how he or she gets to class. Some choose to take the shuttle, some drive, the occasional peculiar person rollerblades or uses a scooter an...

YouNiversity of Miami – Living Off Campus

The standard progression for most students is to live in Hecht or Stanford freshman year, Eaton, Pearson, or Mahoney sophomore year and then move into either the University Village or off campus during the final two years of undergraduate study. This step from on campus to off campus is a big one and can be a confusing one too if you’re not careful.

YOUniversity of Miami – People outside the dorms

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing outside your dorm for a little. If you’re waiting for a ride, if you’re smoking, if you have fifteen minutes to kill between classes, then by all means, grab one of those green chairs, and post up! However, be wary, because soon this casual relaxation could become a lifestyle.

Canes from other colleges

You can bet every dollar you have that on the day of the OSU-Michigan game, I’ll be decked out in scarlet and gray, rooting on my home team. Though this is true, you can be equally confident that on the day of every single Miami football game, as well as most other days, I will be wearing the green and orange, nice and proud.

YOUniversity of Miami: Halloween edition

Halloween is a defining time for college students. When we were young, this sacred night meant pounds and pounds of free candy, followed by the year’s biggest tummy-ache the next morning. As we grew older, we left cavities, trick-or-treating, and apple bobbing behind, and began moving towards pranks, parties, and horror movies. Now that we’ve reached college, what is the proper way to celebrate, especially at the U?

YOUniversity of Miami: Freshman Cliques

Yes, its true, during your first year here at the beautiful University of Miami, you will make lifelong friends. However, it is important not to wall yourself off with your brand new groups of friends.

YOUniversity of Miami: Frat guys

It’s not hard to pick out the typical frat guy: popped polo collar, pre-frayed hat (how do hats get frayed?), doused in cologne, and rockin’ those dark sunglasses in the middle of the night for that killer Facebook pic. However, this is just one breed in the species of frat guys.

YOUniversity of Miami: Roommates

During freshman year, most students are randomly assigned a roommate. Whether they know who their roommate is or not, students go through the same thought process...

YOUniversity of Miami

Each year, dozens of international students come to the University of Miami to spend anywhere from a semester to four years at the school, bringing with them their customs, foods, music choices, and more. This melting pot adds a great international feel to our school, and I for one, love it.

Evan Peskin

Staff Columnist