YouNiversity of Miami: Miami Events

For anybody who has ever read my articles before, first off, I’m sorry, and second, you know my passion to appreciate the college experience and to take advantage of the beautiful, wild city that exists so close to our campus. I’ve talked about how to enjoy life more on a day-to-day basis, how to spend more time outside than inside, and taking pride in the fact that you are an honorary, if not native, Floridian now!

The three channels I watch exclusively are Comedy Central, The Food Network, and The Playbo…. ESPN. For those of you who don’t know, The Food Network is hosting a South Beach Food & Wine festival from February 24-27. There are classes on wine tasting, events featuring The Best Thing I Ever Ate, many of the iconic Food Network personalities, and much more. This is an event that is, pun intended, very sweet.

If food isn’t necessarily your passion like it is for me, the South Beach Comedy festival will run from March 2-5, and will feature such headliners as Doug Benson, Adam Carolla, Kevin Hart, Gabriel Iglesias, and Wanda Sykes. A free area will feature smaller name and local comedians doing stand-up continuously on Lincoln road as well. Overall, this event looks so amazing that its not even… funny! Oh, I have jokes for days. And all of them are as terrible.

The 48th annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival ran February 19-21, was a little more low-key than the other two festivals, but that doesn’t mean it was any less fun. Over three hundred artists from all over the world displayed their works, and last year more than four million dollars worth of artwork was sold in the three days. It was a fantastic opportunity to go for a walk in the beautiful weather, sample fine cuisine, enjoy live entertainment, and see some fascinating artwork.

We live in such a vibrant and exciting city that you can almost feel the heartbeat, and luckily we draw huge events because of it. So take advantage of these happenings that don’t occur anywhere else, because let me tell you, those friends that are stuck in a snowdrift would jump at the chance.

Evan Peskin is a junior majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at