YouNiversity of Miami: Enjoy the semester

Over winter break, some people went overseas, others worked hard at a job or internship and the majority of people became physically and spiritually one with their couch.

However the break was spent, it’s long over and another semester has arrived. It’s a fresh start and there are plenty of ways to make sure it will be a successful semester.

Each year, people cling determinedly to New Year’s resolutions, which usually are long forgotten by this time of year. We set these goals to better ourselves and our lives, whether it’s quitting a destructive habit, spending more time in the library or even promising yourself not to wake up naked in inner-city Detroit. Not again anyway. Luckily, our school provides the opportunity to change your life for the better in whatever aspect you’re looking to work on.

Worried about your physique? The wellness center has flexible hours to accommodate any schedule, the Floridian weather is perfect for early-morning or late-night jogging and just choosing to walk to class rather than driving helps. Have grades hanging over your head? Tutoring is always available, the library really only has crowding issues during finals and setting aside a section of time each week to devote purely to studying is beneficial.

Getting a clean slate is a privilege that we take for granted and the real world isn’t as forgiving as college. It’s a new semester! Enjoy it. Join a club that you have even the slightest interest in. Go out into Miami and eat at a restaurant whose name you can’t pronounce. Take an elective that has nothing to do with your major. Realize that our time at college is short and we should relish every second that we’re given.

Evan Peskin is a sophomore majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at