YouNiversity of Miami: Looking back

Is anyone else astonished that it’s already 2011? It feels like just yesterday it was the carefree 90s, when the Internet was just being developed, you could bring a shaving razor and a full bottle of water onto an airplane, and no one outside New Jersey had ever heard the words “Jersey Shore.” You know, the good old days.

Unfortunately, time has a way of moving on, and we are already more than a month into this new decade. In this digital age, it seems that being on the cutting edge of technology and culture is a necessity. While it is true that it is rare to find a student who doesn’t own a cell phone or who doesn’t think an iPod makes working out or zoning out much more pleasurable, there are many more luxurious gadgets that are becoming more practical and necessary.

When the iPad first came out, there were more menstrual jokes associated with its name than positive reviews, but little by little, it gained support. Now, less than a year after its debut, it has become widely renowned and sought-after. Students that don’t want to spend thousands on a laptop are buying an iPad and wireless keyboard, and find the combination impeccable.

USB drivers are certainly nothing new, but are underestimated in their worth. There’s nothing like the lack of Internet connection or a complete hard drive crash to make you wish you saved that 200-page term paper on a disk drive somewhere. These lightweight devices are also ideal for bringing documents to the library to print without lugging around your laptop. The only downside is that they’re so easy to lose!

All in all, our world has become more wireless, more digital, fancier, faster and more functional. It’s a sink or swim society, so grab your iLifesaver and start kicking.

Evan Peskin is a sophomore majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at