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February 29 , 2024

YouNiversity of Miami: Explore UM’s oppportunities

I’m sure its nothing you haven’t heard before. Ever since I knew what university was, people have told me that college is the best time in life to try new things. Whether that new thing is naked salsa dancing, giving blood (yours, not someone else’s), or joining Greek life, these years in undergraduate are ripe with unique opportunities found nowhere else in such abundance, and sadly, far too many people just pass them by.

Speak Up 10/14

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night in Miami?

Speak Up 10/11 “My best memory at the U is…”

"My best memory at the U is…"

Speak Up 10/7

"If you could have the dining hall serve one food, what would it be?"

YoUniversity of Miami: looking good, feeling good

It seems like a daily occurrence to turn on the news and hear an article about how obesity is beginning to sweep America, especially the younger generations.

YouNiversity of Miami: Grovers

You’re roommate might be one. That kid sitting next to you in biology? Maybe. That group of cute girls stumbling back at three in the morning into the freshman dorms? Definitely.

Speak Up 9/23

If you could add a class to the UM curriculum, what would it be?

Speak Up 9/20

"If you could spend the day with Donna Shalala, what would you do?"

YouNiversity of Miami – A true winner knows how to be a good sport

Now, it’s no surprise that the students at the University of Miami are the best at everything they attempt. From academics to athletics, Miami is among the top finishers in every category; U.S. News recently ranked Miami as 47 in the nation, shooting past FSU and UF.

YouNiversity of Miami – Guitar Guys

There are tons of types of music constantly playing around campus and its hard to find a silent place outdoors. The one music source that most merits discussion, however, is the "guitar guy."

Evan Peskin

Staff Columnist