YouNiversity: soak up the Miami sun

Every student here knows someone who has been enduring the freezing cold weather that’s hit our nation hard in the past few weeks. While we’re laying out in the sunshine, they’re shoveling feet of snow from their driveways. We’re putting on sandals, sunglasses and shorts while they’re donning hoodies, parkas, gloves and boots. We walk to class and see nothing but gorgeous co-eds tanning, rubbing themselves down with lotion in the cutest little bikinis… Sorry, I zoned out. What was I talking about?
Regardless, we are the lucky few that get to live in a tropical paradise. Even so, there are far too many students out there who spend their Saturdays walking around their bedrooms, their bathrooms and their kitchens, but never even gaze out the window to see how cloud-free the sky is. What a waste! People like that deserve to go to a university in the far north and finally grasp what a below-zero wind chill is like.
So how does one come to appreciate the fantastic city we live in? You can do something simple, like going running along the beach or reading under a palm tree on the green rather than in the library. Maybe you can be daring and do something truly life-changing, like skydiving over South Beach or going down to Key West for a weekend. The culinary experience of such a diverse city is something that often goes overlooked. Besides all the authentic Latin cuisine that springs up everywhere around Miami, the food trucks local to this sprawling metropolis, like Latin Burger and Yellow Submarine, are unique, delicious and can easily be tracked on Twitter.
The bottom line is that you should make the most of your time here. Don’t spend too large a percentage of it festering under buzzing fluorescent lighting. Go out and live! Viva Miami!

Evan Peskin is a junior majoring in pre-med psychology. He may be contacted at