YOUniversity of Miami: Frat guys

Evan Peskin, Staff Columnist

It’s not hard to pick out the typical frat guy: popped polo collar, pre-frayed hat (how do hats get frayed?), doused in cologne and rockin’ those dark sunglasses in the middle of the night for that killer Facebook pic. However, this is just one breed in the species of frat guys. Don’t let the one guy who thinks he’s heaven’s gift to the ladies of Miami stop you from rushing a fraternity, or spending some quality time with one of the brothers.

Guys join frats for many reasons. Some have family legacies in certain fraternities, others want to always have a place to go and drink and still others find themselves attracted to the laid back and pleasurable lifestyle. There is a fraternity to fit every style if you want to be involved in Greek life.

I didn’t think I was cut out for a fraternity when I came to the University of Miami. I wasn’t an enormous muscle head, nor did I think wearing three polo shirts simultaneously, all with popped collars, was cool. However, I took the time to attend rush events and meet some of the brothers of almost every fraternity on campus, and I found a fraternity that was my fit. All the brothers treated me like a friend and there was always something going on at the campus house if I had nothing to do. They enjoyed a vigorous social life, and their pledges didn’t get sodomized. That’s four for four on my checklist.

Girls seem to have a different opinion of frat guys. I have heard a hundred times from my female friends that “all frat guys are only trying to get in your pants” and “they are all jerks.” Those types of guys make up a very small percentage of all fraternity members, no larger a percentage than you’d find out around the campus in general. Ladies, just so you know, guys might occasionally, once in a while, perchance, think about sex. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

Honestly though, most frat guys are just typical college guys. They enjoy beer pong, watch football and yes, hit on girls. But so do all guys! I know those three things were on my to-do list since I was 15, long before I joined a frat.

Here’s the bottom line: not all frat guys fit the stereotypes you see on TV and in movies. So guys, look for a frat that fits your preferences, and girls, give those frat guys a chance. After all, this is college… bro.

YOUniversity of Miami is a column taking a closer look at the many people that make UM their home.

Evan Peskin is a sophomore majoring in psychology and pre-med. He can be contacted at