YOUniversity of Miami

Costa Rica, Germany, Japan, Australia. The list goes on. Each year, dozens of international students come to the University of Miami to spend anywhere from a semester to four years at the school, bringing with them their customs, foods, music choices, and more. This melting pot adds a great international feel to our school, and I, for one, love it. It lets all of us who haven’t had the opportunity to travel overseas and around the world to experience some global culture. Not to mention, there are quite a few female exchange students that really make me want to renew my passport.

This year, as I looked over my housing agreement in Pearson, I noticed that next to one of my suite mates’ name was, in italics, Great Britain. I took it as my duty to show the ‘bloke’ around, introduce him to my fraternity and my friends, and make him feel at home.

Everyone loved him immediately, and I realized all my intentions, while good-natured, weren’t needed. I did, however, think that I probably should help him meet some girls while he was here. After all, UM does boast some of the most gorgeous girls in the country, and as an exchange student, didn’t he deserve to meet some of the best the United States had to offer?

As we got in the dining hall, I told him to hold on a second, as I approached a table of a couple female friends, trying to ask them to be sweet to him. I motioned him over, and what happened still manages to blow my mind. All it took was a heavily accented, charming, James-Bond-esque “Why hello lovelies, how are we today,” and every girl in a 10-foot radius was smitten.

The moral of this story? Three things. One, international students are great, and they come here to get a good education, have fun, and meet some Americans. Two, ladies, get prepared to fall head over heels in love after a “G-day” from an Australian or a “Hows it?” from a South African. And three… I need to work on my accent.