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Letters to the Editor

In response to Alan Dershowitz: Recognizing genocide and the humanity of Palestinian people

From the outset, I humbly ask my Jewish brothers and sisters to remain open to this message. Hate directed at you, your family and your faith directly assaults our shared prospect of equality, and your liberation is inextricably tied to liberation for myself, Palestinians and indigenous peoples across the world.While critical of Israeli state actions, this article will not denigrate Judaism as a religion or Jewish people as a culture, ethnicity or communit...

“We will not wait for the next school shooting”

Editor’s Note: The following op-ed was signed by over 140 student leaders and published simultaneously across over 50 student newspapers at public and private universities nationwide.

Addressing the Ravicher matter

The social media posts by Professor Daniel Ravicher, a lecturer at the University of Miami School of Law, have continued to receive attention from the media, and he has continued to conduct interviews with various media outlets. Despite Ravicher’s public comments to the contrary, he has not been “fired,” nor “pushed out,” nor “cancelled,” nor otherwise threatened with termination of his contract by me or anyone el...