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Remembering the importance of community in the age of individuality

It’s no secret that we’re living in an age of growing isolation. 79% of U.S. adults aged 18 to 24 reported feelings of loneliness in a survey conducted by Cigna. It’s gotten to the p...

How technological advancement might be killing creativity

Anyone who has broken their phone and had to wait a few days to replace it understands how thoroughly technology permeates our everyday lives. Young adults especially filter their experiences, feeling...

From The Miami Hurricane: on publishing op-eds

The mission of the opinion section of The Miami Hurricane is to disseminate different viewpoints, raise public discourse and further explore issues in the news that our readers care about. It’s...

Reading’s revival in the wake of social media

Growing up in the 21st century, those who read for enjoyment feel as though they are in the minority. With accessible technology and social media, video games and television as easy entertainment, many children and young adults today grew up viewing readings as a chore only done in the confines of a classroom.

BeReal at your own convenience

While Instagram has become notorious for its highly-curated content and negative impact on teen mental health, BeReal comes as a refreshing alternative. But with social media sites advertising themselves as genuine representations of life, it’s important to take a step back and remember that nothing online will accurately reflect real life.

Unpaid internships: unethical and unreasonable

College sophomores and juniors feel overwhelming pressure to get summer internships and get ahead in their respective fields, but there are a whole slew of positions that many students do not even apply for due to the fact that they cannot afford to work for three months without pay. Not only do the “opportunities” of unpaid internships exploit green employees’ labor, they also perpetuate a system that favors economic privilege and social class when hiring for positions that should be based on talent and interest.

Student Health Services demystified

The University of Miami has a comprehensive Student Health Service to help keep our community of Canes healthy. However, the many locations, types of service and online portals can be confusing for newcomers. To avoid scrambling to figure it out on their first sick day or in the case of an emergency, students should consider getting adjusted to the system.

Prime real estate: The best study-spots on campus

College is a time to figure out what your preferences are and many students quickly search for the best study spots on campus outside of the library. At the U, there are plenty of locations for students to change up their scenery and get work done.

In an alternate universe, I might’ve been pro-life

Young women today have grown up in a climate that politicizes their bodies to the point where having any opinion on their own bodily autonomy is viewed as a political stance. Debate on abortion has in...

There is no planet B, unless ‘B’ stands for billionaire

Pari Walter is a sophomore at UM majoring in journalism and a new contributing columnist at TMH. As an aspiring environmental activist, she decided to write her most recent piece about the growth of t...

Pari Walter

Pari Walter is a senior from Monmouth Beach, N.J. majoring in journalism with minors in sustainable business, psychology and ecosystem science and policy. She started writing for The Miami Hurricane's opinion section as a freshman and is excited for her fourth semester as the opinion editor. She enjoys learning about different viewpoints and encouraging proactive discourse. Outside of the paper, she is in UM's pre-law fraternity and is an avid runner.