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July 19 , 2024

GOP shouldn’t intervene in women’s health

The GOP and I have a serious problem. It’s laughable that Mitt Romney believes he has the right to control my body. It’s astounding that Todd Akin, a GOP representative, thinks the female body has ...

Graphic ads aren’t helping smokers

I'm not a smoker and I fully support helping people quit the habit, but the graphic images slathered on cigarette boxes are just ridiculous. I understand – it’s an emotional appeal urging Americans...

Don’t stress about football, enjoy fall semester

This isn’t a discussion on the NCAA investigation into our football program. Although this is a serious situation, people may be overreacting. This is a university built on more than just football. ...

Calm your nerves, find your niche

Yet again, a new year has started. Campus is teeming with excitement and anticipation for the fun times that lay ahead. As a freshman, it can seem overwhelming and there is plenty of different advice ...

Studio jump-starts student musicians

Many college students follow seemingly impossible dreams. They want to become a successful signed and recorded musician, a big-name player in the entertainment industry or a millionaire even before graduation.

Borscht film festival refreshes

The Knight Concert Hall at the Adrienne Arscht Center lit up last night with a hip young crowd of film lovers. Over three and a half hours, 23 short films were premiered. About 20 of them were commissioned by Borscht for Borscht. The films ranged in topic, genre, and length, anywhere between one minute and 20.

Studio jump starts musicians

Since 1993, UM has had a student run record label through the Frost School of Music. In the past 18 years, ‘Cane Records has released over 17 albums, collaborated with countless artists, produced many shows and raised a significant amount of money through sponsors.

Feminists still have a purpose

I am tired of people saying that feminists don’t have a purpose anymore. I am tired of hearing that I am not a feminist because I embrace my femme side so often. Most of all, I am tired of trying to explain it.

Another budget crisis on the horizon

A week ago and some days, the U.S. government narrowly avoided a shut down. Thanks to the great state of bipartisanship, congress was in a gridlock over spending. Luckily, we’ve moved past that crisis with short-term spending bills and agreements over the budget.

Wild animals shouldn’t be caged

Anyone who has visited SeaWorld in Orlando has seen the famous killer whale routine. You will “oh and ah” as you witness an animal over 12,000 pounds flip out of water, swim in majestic ways, and hoist trainers up on his beak. It is easy to forget in this moment that these creatures are kept in unnatural environments.

Natasha Tomchin

Staff EDGE Writer