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Abi Loutoo, a junior studying media writing and production, plays the cello along with singer/songwriter Eddy Bayes during "Breaking he Surface: Vol. 1-Miami Artists on the Rise on April 7th at Transit Lounge. Courtesy Cane Records

Nearly impossible dreams of college students: Become a successful recorded and signed musician, become a big-name player in the music business industry and become a millionaire before you graduate.

Bad news and great news: luck, inheritance and crazy coincidences aside, you most likely will not be a millionaire within your next four years. However, UM can definitely help with the first two goals.

Since 1993, UM has had a student run record label through the Frost School of Music. In the past 18 years, ‘Cane Records has released over 17 albums, collaborated with countless artists, produced many shows and raised a significant amount of money through sponsors. In recent years, the label revamped their look and Web site, including giving their staff academic credit for positions.

The label has six up and coming artists currently signed, some from UM and others from the local area. The genres are too wide and dynamic to be listed, but they include music for any preference.

‘Cane Records is a multi-faceted approach for students to achieve their dreams. As an agent in the industry, you learn the business side of music: from recording to producing to running a label. As an artist, you become recorded, featured in stories, and play shows around Miami. On Thursday evening there was a showcase of artists from the label performing at the Transit Lounge (shame on you if you did not attend, you missed a hell of a show).

‘Cane Records is a hidden gem at UM. Not many people know about it, or the benefits they provide. As a staff member, you can take part in the production of audio and visual footage. You can help manage the online and growing artist’s portfolio. You can also see the nitty gritty side of the music industry, very early on. As an artist, you can get valuable studio time as well as people working with you to get your name out there. The resources to both are unbelievable.

If you are a student interested in the music industry kickstart your experience by taking part in this label. Not only will you get a leg up on your competition, you’ll also hear some really great music before anyone else does.

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