GOP shouldn’t intervene in women’s health

The GOP and I have a serious problem.

It’s laughable that Mitt Romney believes he has the right to control my body. It’s astounding that Todd Akin, a GOP representative, thinks the female body has a way to “shut the whole thing down” if “legitimate rape” occurs; never mind what constitutes legitimate rape. But it’s horrifying to know Paul Ryan supports the Protect LIFE Act or Let Women Die Act.

When I watch interviews and hear the GOP platform on abortion and rape, I start to lose faith in humanity for many reasons. My fiscally conservative friends support Romney’s economic plans and are stepping to support a seriously misogynistic platform. I can’t describe my issues with the term “legitimate rape.” I can’t hide my embarrassment for people who actually believe that “God” equipped a female body with mechanisms that shut down a pregnancy from rape. And I really can’t get over the stance of no abortions, no exceptions.

The intent to give equal rights to the born and unborn is a major issue. This system punishes the female. Her body is no longer hers. Her life could be in danger, but no one cares.

Conservative forces are all for making decisions and forcing women to bring children into the world, yet the enthusiasm seriously disappears in the follow through.

Is the government going to improve the welfare system? Are they going to pay for an education? Provide support to a single parent? Pay for a babysitter when more shifts have to be picked up? Supply medical attention when the insurance companies won’t cover it?

It takes responsibility to give birth to a child. It also takes responsibility to know when the right environment can’t be provided.  And let’s not pretend our social services are so evolved that they can ensure a foster care child would live a happy life.

Let women make their own choices over their bodies.


Natasha Tomchin is a junior majoring in history, public relations and gender studies.