Don’t stress about football, enjoy fall semester

This isn’t a discussion on the NCAA investigation into our football program. Although this is a serious situation, people may be overreacting. This is a university built on more than just football.

The fall season does mean ‘Cane pride for most UM fans. Lately, there’s been a grumble about what will happen if we lose our program, regardless of the duration of our suspension. I’ve heard a lot of crazy threats from students, the most extreme being to transfer to a school with a better football team. Yikes. Instead of worrying and being silly, there are a lot of other options to take up your time.

Maybe you never studied abroad because of one reason or another. Or you couldn’t in the fall because you were not just about to miss football season. Well, now’s your chance to get out there. Check out some of UM’s programs and talk to people about their experiences and what worked and what didn’t.

Exploring new things could also be on your agenda. If you’re trying to see more of Miami, go to the Wynwood Art Walk on the second Saturday of every month. Check out the music scene; there’s a lot of great shows coming up for this fall for all genres of music. Enjoy the “Generous Pour Wine” event on Saturdays at Capital Grille. Take a weekend trip somewhere. Go up to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights. Have an adventure at Fantasy Fest.

Needless to say, our football future is a little worrisome, but only time will tell what will happen. Until then though, there’s no need to lose our heads over this. Instead, enjoy the other things.