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July 23 , 2024

Henry King Stanford should be memorialized by more than service

I left the memorial service for Henry King Stanford, past president of the University, with mixed emotions.

Letter to the editor: Great football program deserves better radio announce...

Most people can agree that Miami Hurricane athletics is second to none. The list reads like a resume: Five football national championships, four baseball national championships and countless awards in other sports. However, I am more than willing to say that UM has the worst broadcasters among all Division I schools.

Letter to the editor: Complaints about trayless dining hall proposal

I recently learned that there would be only one ticket for this years student elections, so I decided to take a look at their website to see what our future leaders were about.

Letter to the editor: UM students should participate in ‘Earth Hour&#...

From melting glaciers to dramatic weather patterns, climate change is already impacting life on Earth

Letter to the Editor: UPrint’s system-wide failures should make admin...

UPrint should really be named U(can't)Print. Yesterday, I went to print something before class and was unable to do so because the Uprint system was down.

Letter to the Editor: UN’s World Conference Against Racism contrary t...

The UN World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) has a name worthy of respect and optimism, as it alludes to the idea of a conference that seeks to generate peace between the different races.

Letter to the Editor: Facebook will forget you, the Ibis won’t

After reading “Speak Up” from Thursday’s Hurricane, I decided that I had heard and seen enough. As Editor in Chief of the Ibis yearbook here at UM, my staff and I work arduously to try to get as many people as possible in the yearbook – sometimes against their own will, but always for their own good.

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and connect. We gather together to connect with family and friends and reflect on the times that have already passed.

Closure? I think not

With every tragic event, there are tragic repercussions.

Who does Austen think he is?

Let's set the record straight: I hate Sarah Palin just as much if not more than any other University of Miami student.

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