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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
July 23 , 2024

Letter to the Editor: Criticism of student death coverage

We as the UM community have had an unfortunate semester due to the loss of two bright and gifted students. I knew both Scott Monat and Michael Anderson

Letter to the Editor: Decision to remove Ibis Ride irrational, dangerous

Somebody should lose their job over the irrational decision to take away the students safe ride home.

Letter to the Editor: Response to tour group editorial

Your recent opinion article on tour groups brings up a lot of points that are critically unfair in your evaluation of the current tour system at the University of Miami.

Former SG president Brandon Gross says goodbye

How quickly has the time passed? It feels as if it were just yesterday that we began serving you.

Letter to the Editor: Time updating UMPD’s Facebook page could be bet...

As President Shalala’s emails regarding UM’s finances continue to pile up in inboxes, I am shocked to learn that the university effectively pays the UMPD to be on Facebook.

Letter to the Editor: In response to last week’s Dear V

I am saddened, disappointed and angered by the way people of faith have treated you.

Letter to the editor: Response to criticism of WQAM announcer Joe Zagacki

Alumnus Ben Brislawn’s attack on UM sportscaster Joe Zagacki (Feb. 23-25) crosses the line of opinion or taste, into the realm of character assassination, and demands a response.

Letter to the Editor: Napster, Ruckus and now nothing

First we had free napster for a year, then that was taken away, then we had ruckus and now that is done

Letter to the Editor: A response from Iron Arrow

The by-laws of Iron Arrow state that one may not be recognized for what one did as an undergraduate after graduation.

I didn’t need to shoot the sheriff, or the deputy

I went to the Caribbean Festival all day yesterday.

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