Letter to the Editor: UPrint’s system-wide failures should make administration rethink its use

UPrint should really be named U(can’t)Print. Yesterday, I went to print something before class and was unable to do so because the UPrint system was down. Later that day, after class, I again tried to print. The computers in the business library were not working, so I tried the business computer lab. After an unsuccessful attempt there I headed to the Richter library thinking that people had to be printing there because, well, that’s the main library. Nope…turns out it was a university wide outage of UPrint. So after wasting 45 minutes trying to get my reading assignment printed I trudged home with nothing in hand. Needless to say this is not the first time the system has been down either. I understand that the university is in a crisis mode and part of the UPrint system is to reduce costs as well as be environmentally friendly, but at what cost to the student body? If the system is not going to work properly than the loss of productivity to students, and the inconvenience faced, may not be worth the cost savings.

–Jason Gray