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Thursday, February 29, 2024
February 29 , 2024

Keep resolutions realistic in 2010

The expectation that a new year is going to be an overhaul in every respect is absurd. You will still face similarly now “dated” issues even if you have the highest of hopes. Let’s not forget, many of the people and situations you don’t find optimal haven’t suddenly vanished into thin air.

Sell outs are cop outs

In high school, I made the argument that certain bands I previously liked have become “sell outs.”

Segway security guards ridiculous

While I can’t take issue with increased security and student employment on campus, I think students assuming the role of security guards, driving around on a Segways, is laughable.

US-1 the battle, but I won the war

The lovely road that runs parallel to our beautiful campus, none other than US-1, makes me question whether kindness exists.

Think before speaking

When one spews off his or her duties, the goal is to make the listener appreciate how hard the person is working towards his or her goal. Instead it just leads to ambivalence and eventually frustration.

Up all night in academic zombieland

Exams are no fun for anyone, unless you have sadistic tendencies. Sometimes I find it necessary to study dense portions at a time the night before an exam, as slacking is a recreational pastime. But the cramming culture is out of control these days.

Ditch the “water-cooler gossip”

The media knows what makes you tick and what makes you groan. Any publicity is good publicity today. So how can we defeat it as a group of conscious, intelligent human beings? Advocate indifference; it’s the best way to make the high tides of “water cooler gossip” pass.

Evan Seaman

Contributing Columnist