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July 25 , 2024

Elizabeth Warren is waging a war on Wall Street

In the business community, there is a broad consensus that a Warren presidency would be disastrous.

Shane Gillis’ firing from SNL shows how we fail to adequately deal wi...

Giving people a second chance is not downplaying the pain that racially hurtful language can cause, it is merely a recognition of the fact that we are all humans who say regrettable things.

The U.S. needs economic patriotism

It's time for America to ensure its companies are as patriotic as its citizens.

Pete Buttigieg’s rise to political prominence

But, if there was ever a time that a 37-year-old gay mayor from the 300th largest city in the U.S. could become President of the United States, perhaps, that time is now.

The time for action on climate change is now

Changing my views on climate change was about accepting my own ignorance on the issue and actively working to become informed.

Kamala Harris may not be Democrats best bet for winning in 2020

Senator Kamala Harris seems like a Democratic dream candidate on paper. However, Democrats may be better off selecting a more moderate, populist candidate if they want to defeat Donald Trump and reclaim the White House in January of 2021.

Brett Kavanaugh changed my vote

Don’t be surprised if that forecasted blue wave ends up being a red tsunami this November

David Gordon