Brett Kavanaugh changed my vote

I like to think of myself as relatively moderate when it comes to my political views. I’ve never particularly liked either political party. However, this November I knew exactly who I was voting for.

I was going to cast my ballot for the Democratic Party.

I believed my vote for the Democrats would act as a check on the power on the Republican party and an attempt to control the damage President Trump has done to the moral fabric of America. I was fully prepared to vote Democrat.

Then Brett Kavanaugh happened.

When the accusations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh were first brought forward I was very troubled by them. I believed there should be a full investigation and I had an open mind about the results.

However, the circus of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process and the subsequent FBI investigation of sexual assault has brought out my most partisan side.

The Kavanaugh confirmation process has given me a feeling of resentment toward the Democratic party. The same feeling I got when I heard Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton call Trump supporters deplorables: a feeling of abandonment and alienation.

I feel like the Democratic party has left me behind. I feel they have left millions of Americans behind.

They have abandoned the majority of Americans who do not believe that an individual’s reputation should be destroyed because of an unproven, uncorroborated accusation of sexual assault.

As much as I want to, I cannot vote for the Democratic party. I cannot vote for a party that’s leader announces he will vote no 23 minutes after a Supreme Court nominee is announced. I cannot vote for a party that labels anyone who disagrees with their views as being morally inferior. I cannot vote for a party that withholds accusations of sexual assault from the public for over 20 days and exploits a woman’s horrific experience for their own political advantage

Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation isn’t about adding an originalist to the court who could shape American law for the new 40 years. It isn’t about one case of sexual assault allegations.

It is about a changing society.

A society that now believes that the only way to reverse hundreds of years of sexism and discrimination of women is to create an absurd double standard in which women should be believed and men should not.

A society that refuses to even consider that maybe, just maybe, the reason Brett Kavanaugh was so emotional during his testimony is that he was wrongly accused of sexual assault, not because he is an “entitled white male”.

What the Democrats thought would be the political equivalent of a slam dunk will come back to haunt them on November 6th. The Democrat’s gambled and they lost. They thought that destroying Brett Kavanaugh’s name, labeling him as a sloppy drunk, an entitled frat boy, a sexual predator, would delay his confirmation and help them take control of Congress.

But they were wrong.

Instead, they have energized the so-called “deplorables”, who are motivated by nothing more than when the media falsely label them as sexist or racist or bigoted.

So, don’t be surprised if you see the Democrat’s midterm lead shrinking fast. Don’t be surprised if the emasculating feminists are outnumbered at the polls by the silent majority. Don’t be surprised if that forecasted blue wave ends up being a red tsunami this November.

David Gordon is a freshman majoring in business.