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More than decor: the value of coffee table books

Besides being overhyped status symbols, these books are also paper autobiographies, often interlaced with personal anecdotes and reflections that offer connections to the reader. When words cannot suffice to make clear our intentions, let a coffee table book shine as a personal statement.

Queen Elizabeth: Monarch and mode

Throughout her seventy years of rule, Queen Elizabeth II broke fashion’s long held standard of indulgence. By balancing traditionalist silhouettes and motifs with modernized tonal choices and accessories, Britain’s longest reigning monarch understood the diplomacy and strength of fashion choices. With a reign spanning multiple generations of fashion history, the late queen will forever be remembered for her propensity to honor duty en vogue.

Remembering fashion designer Issey Miyake

Born in Hiroshima, a 7-year-old Miyake watched his city engulfed in an atomic catastrophe. In his final days fighting liver cancer, the haunting heat of August brought forth whispers of possible nuclear weapons in the ongoing Russo-Ukraine conflict. Between entering and exiting life under chaotic global conditions, Miyake’s career is defined by challenging the notions of war and inhumanity.

An inside look into fashion podcasts

Since the pandemic, podcasts reemerged as a popular, accessible and exciting way to engage with fashion insiders and the community. In comparison to many large-scale films and television productions, podcasts cost less to produce and could be safely recorded at home.

Tearing the fabric of unity: Russo-Ukraine war disrupts fashion sector

Under the escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, Ukraine's fashion sector continues to evacuate and adapt to its intensity. Tank movements and airborne strikes on cities like Kyiv render a daunting task for designers: obtaining a net of security while maintaining a buisness. Faced with the uncertainty of returning home, the rapid rise of conflict has scattered creative teams both domestically and abroad.

Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival invites music, craftsmen, theater and gr...

Stretched from the streets of the Grove to the waterfront of Regatta Park, the energetic event marked a lively and bright invitation to visitors from Miami’s many corners.

Do Valentine’s Day the fashionable way

Everyone represents their own brand of love. For fashion lovers, it’s not only a form of self expression, but a way to channel acceptance and self-love. On Valentine's Day, we celebrate these independent values, as well as the love we share for those around us.

Thierry Mugler: Amongst the Stars

On Jan. 24, House of Mugler announced that its visionary Monsieur Manfred Thierry Mugler died of natural causes at his residence in Paris the previous day. Through a resurgence in the fashion designer’s popularity via archival collections and catwalk footage, his pieces currently hold a cult level of hype amongst vintage collectors.

A look back at American icon André Leon Talley’s impact on the f...

Throughout his career, the fashion veteran survived the chiffon trenches of an adverse and homogenous fashion battleground and fought to create opportunities for the next generation of unrepresented creatives. In the wake of his passing on Jan. 18, the fashion icon and first Black creative director and editor-at-large at Vogue leaves behind a trailblazing legacy shaped by the manifestation of his own childhood vision of an accessible and cosmopolitan world.

Fall’s Fashion Films: ‘Spencer’ to ‘House of Gucci&...

From the hedonistic maximalism of Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci” to the ominous swinging sixties-era of Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho” to the British glamor of Pablo Larrain’s “Spencer,” the fall season brought fashion to the frontier in film.

Chiara Padejka