An inside look into fashion podcasts

Photo credit: Julia Monteiro Martins

Since the pandemic, podcasts reemerged as a popular, accessible and exciting way to engage with fashion insiders and the community. In comparison to many large-scale films and television productions, podcasts cost less to produce and could be safely recorded at home.

Historically, in times of great panic, auditory outlets like FDR’s iconic fireside chats had the powerful ability to reassure listeners of safety and comfort. With the closing of businesses and in-person runway shows, podcasts became all the buzz in the fashion world.

Unlike the alienating Zooms of late night talk shows, podcast fans already have an expectation of solely hearing audio. By this nature, listening only to hosts’ voices gave a semblance of normalcy.

Its ability to play in the background is a wonderful added benefit, and It allows multi-taskers to stop and start a great recording around the tasks of remote work—a meditative walk or a new cooking hobby.

The medium’s intimate nature allows for listeners to hear entertaining and informative conversation in an approachable and casual way. Most designers rarely have time to discuss their collections at their debuts. The podcast gave us hour-long details and insightful scoops. Rare interactions with guests who otherwise would be extremely remote, busy or reluctant to interview gave their time to record special conferences.

Photo credit: Julia Monteiro Martins

In this era of isolation, podcasts give a positive way to discussion. Ultimately, they inspire conversation and growth. Other forms of entertainment adapted to the best of their capabilities, however the pandemic made it clear that the podcast is here to stay.

Here are some fashion podcasts to get started:

Fashion No Filter

Fashion sleuths Camille Cherriere and Monica Ainley give listeners behind-the-scenes, unfiltered and unique perspectives into the fashion industry’s operations. Franco-Brit Camille Cherriere is known as one of the fashion world’s leading influencers and bloggers. She has collaborated on work with Chloé, Mango, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Monica Ainsley DLV is a Paris based Canadian writer popular for her chic and classic street style.



New York Based Designer Cynthia Rowley and her daughter Kit Keenan discuss fashion, insecurities, health, travels and adventure. While Keenan often describes herself as an old soul, Rowley lives with the vivid imagination of a kid. By providing a link between two generations, this mother-daughter duo is truly entertaining and insightful.


The Andrew Coelho Show

Coelho discusses entrepreneurship, men’s fashion and insider tips into what it takes to make big waves in the fashion industry. He interviews creatives like Italian film director Luca Finolitti (known for Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani’s fashion films) and self-starting businessmen like founder David Koller (featured in GQ and Complex).



This podcast delves into the rise of Black fashion designers from the past through to our contemporary industry. From Pyer Moss reviews, visits to Le Fashion Lab and styling Beyoncé, there’s a plethora of contributions and conversations to be heard.


Wardrobe Crisis

Claire Press discusses key issues at the forefront of today’s fashion scene. The root of her discussions highlight fashion sustainability and ethical practice. For those interested in fashion changemakers and the role the industry can play in inspiring a difference, this podcast is an eye-opener.