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December 8 , 2023

Do Valentine’s Day the fashionable way

Everyone represents their own brand of love. For fashion lovers, it’s not only a form of self expression, but a way to channel acceptance and self-love. On Valentine’s Day, we celebrate these independent values, as well as the love we share for those around us.

Despite the theme of pinks and reds that pervade the season, there is no need to purchase rose colored pieces to make a statement about who you are and who you love. Whether you’re looking to surprise in a fearless new look or stand by a timeless classic, here are some pieces to incorporate into your own personal wardrobe. Sensual and stylish, they are bound to get the heart racing.


From romantic to punk, corsets in all shapes, styles, and sizes are resurging thanks to popular period pieces like Netflix’s “Bridgerton” and HBO Max’s “The Gilded Age.” For many centuries, corsets functioned as a painful constraint on the body and mind, but due to designers like Christian Dior’s New Look to Jean Paul Gautier’s cone bra for Madonna to Christian Lacroix, the garment has found its place as a symbol of empowerment and sensuality.

Silk slip dresses

Silk dresses are comfortable, romantic, and versatile to style. Whether worn for an outdoor picnic or late night fiesta, they are functional for a range of activities and dates. Pair them casually over a classic white tee or channel Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s nineties elegance with minimalist jewelry and striking headband.


Bold monochromatic looks highlight strength and confidence. The fast paced Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones glamorized monochromatic suits, while Billie Eilish incorporated it into her streetwear ensembles. Black and white will create a lasting impression, while bright neon greens and pinks demand attention. Monochromatic looks allow for the wearer to focus on other elements of design. These include elements such as mixing and matching textures or adding a striking bag or hat.


When asked what trends are taking over Valentine’s Day, Jordelle Beja, a student majoring in film production, emphasized the crochet phenomenon. Crochet is customizable and can be incorporated on various bases from shirts to tote bags. She noted that while large companies contributed to a widespread production of crochet, many students use the do-it-yourself form to craft their own versions of this fun and sweet accent.

Heart-shaped bags

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL and Kate Spade reintroduced heart bags into their latest collections and it is quickly becoming a highly valued collectible. Borderline kitsch and borderline chic, the youthful accessory has a cultural fashion history connected to figures like Fran Fine of the hit HBO sitcom “The Nanny.” Ironically, Miss Fine wears the infamous red Moschino heart bag in an episode where she unknowingly goes on a date with a member of the Italian mafioso. Oh, Miss Fine.

Featured image “lonely <3 4 V day” by Irina Gheorghita

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