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July 18 , 2024

Club competes at high level despite major lack of funding

While UM sports such as football and basketball get their share of attention in local and national news, another campus sport that is much less publicized is just as competitive in its respective league.

Stand Your Ground law is unjust

In the tragic and mysterious case of the murder of Trayvon Martin, the focus of the public and, unfortunately, the Sanford Police Department, is on whether George Zimmerman is innocent and whether rac...

“The Cremaster Cycle” to play at Cosford Cinema

“The Cremaster Cycle” has been described as repulsive, beautiful, creative, inspiring, moving, brutal and sexual. Without any tangible meaning or chronological narrative, it aims to be an astonis...

Several music stars set to shine this year with new tunes

Last year was one of the more memorable years in music history. We saw hit albums like Adele’s “21,” Radiohead’s “King of Limbs,” the Foo Fighters’ “Wasting Light,” Gaga’s “Born This Way,” Jay-Z a...

Band to take center stage at Design District

Funk, jazz and rock fans: You no longer have to travel 870 miles to the Big Easy or pull out Grandpa’s old Hendrix vinyl to listen to quality funk music in the 21st century. Papa Grows Funk, a New ...

Coldplay’s concept album tells the perfect story

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin commented that their upcoming album “Mylo Xyloto” would be more of a happy sound than past albums, and he wasn’t lying. From the introduction, a 43-second jingle th...

Club competes with varsity talent, intensity

While UMiami sports such as football and basketball get lauded by local and national news, another campus sport that you might not hear much about is just as, if not more so, competitive in their respective league.

Tyler Cooney