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Slideshow: Orientation 2009

Slideshow from Fall 2009 orientation

Spotted On Site: Diana Alvarez

Diana Alvarez is a sophomore majoring in biology, and an animal-lover who is interested in veterinary work.

Spotted On Site: Jessica Rausch

Jessica Rausch, a fourth-year architecture major, is also minoring in art and art history.

Spotted on Site: Joe Sanchez

Joe Sanchez, a freshman majoring in film, is a Miami native. THE MIAMI HURRICANE: I noticed the cowboy hat, what's the significance? Joe Sanchez: I got it in Georgia. I like it, it keeps the sun...

Spotted On Site: George Kaminis

George Kaminis, a senior majoring in marine affairs with minors in art and business, is nearing the end of his stay at the University of Miami as he graduates at the end of this semester. He discu...

Spotted On Site: Ji-Wah Ng

Although she claims to be "plain, ordinary and average," University of Miami sophomore Ji-Wah Ng seems to be far from it, judging by her various hobbies and skills. Ng took four years of Spanish and wants to learn Japanese next, yet she is already fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese. She also dances, aspires to travel and possibly become a nurse. With so many interests, life is exciting and colorful.

Spotted on Site: Max Landis

Max Landis: I think everyone to a degree is unique, but unique is subjective. I know some people who would sit and listen to me enraptured for hours and I also know many, many, many, many, many wh...

Spotted on Site: A.J. Carda

Freshman AJ Carda discuss being in a band while in college, his unique style and his hat collection.

Spotted on Site: Aleah McGehee

A new addition to The Miami Hurricane that features charismatic members of the University of Miami community caught off-guard! Could you be next? Aleah McGehee, a sophomore majoring in Music Busine...

Spotted on Site: Graham Stuart

Graham Stuart, a University of Miami alumnus who graduated in 2007, was found sitting quietly on a rock, enjoying a peaceful afternoon by Lake Osceola - wearing his signature wardrobe accessory, costume wings.

Tanya Thompson

Contributing Writer