Spotted on Site: A.J. Carda

    Photo by Tanya Thompson // Hurricane Staff.

    A new addition to The Miami Hurricane that features charismatic members of the University of Miami community caught off-guard! Could you be next?
    Freshman A.J. Carda has not yet declared his major but he has definitely declared his love for bass guitar, as well as hats. Often, Carda said he is spotted with his bass strapped across his shoulder, yet he admitted a sometimes hidden talent of his – being a drum player.

    THE MIAMI HURRICANE: What made you decide to play the bass?

    A.J. Carda: Well, I’m a drum player, but since I couldn’t take my drum set with me, I picked up the bass.

    TMH: You mentioned you play in a band. What is your band’s name?

    AC: Iron Price.

    TMH: Why the long hair?

    AC: I was in JROTC back in high school and they made me cut it, so in a juvenile attempt to get back at the man I grew it out. Also, I like it.

    TMH: What individual or band has influenced your band the most?

    AC: Oh, definitely Epic and Wolfeblitzer, two local thrash metal bands back home. When ever these bands play it keeps my band members and I awake for the next few days writing music.

    TMH: What’s your style?

    AC: Anything that is weird but honestly, it’s all about the comfort. I also own 800,000 hats.