Spotted on Site: Graham Stuart

    Photo by Tanya Thompson // Hurricane Staff.

    A new addition to The Miami Hurricane that features charismatic members of the University of Miami community caught off-guard! Could you be next?

    Graham Stuart, a University of Miami alumnus who graduated in 2007, was found sitting quietly on a rock, enjoying a peaceful afternoon by Lake Osceola – wearing his signature wardrobe accessory, costume wings.

    THE MIAMI HURRICANE: So, why the wings?

    Graham Stuart: Because I am tired of everyone looking at me, analyzing me and judging me, so I decided to give them something to really look at. And besides, I am in love with Disney.

    TMH: How many pairs of wings do you own?

    GS: Six.

    TMH: Do you wear them everyday?

    GS: Of course!

    TMH: You’ve been here for a while, haven’t you?

    GS: Yeah, technically I’ve graduated twice from UM – once with a Bachelors of Science in Microbiology and the second time with a Bachelors of Arts in Theater Arts.

    TMH: Tell me something interesting about yourself beyond your wings?

    GS: Well, I’m going to med school.