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July 13 , 2024

‘Atonement’ star shines in latest role as assassin

Beverly Hills, CA - Saiorise Ronan's hair may be thicker than her biceps, but make no mistake, she kicks everyone's ass in "Hanna." Eric Bana, who plays her father in the film, is no exception. "In...

Breslin, 15, voice of mouse in “Rango”

One of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated for an Academy Award sits patiently in front of a camera crew in the Downtown Miami Four Seasons. But as the unknowing antithesis to the starlet cliche, Abigail Breslin exudes less of a Hollywood air than a 15 year old you'd meet at an outlet mall.

Graduate comes of age after a wild night

"Take Me Home Tonight" explores the 80s with dignity. The Miami Hurricane interviewed the co-stars, Teresa Palmer and Topher Grace during a recent promotional stop in Miami.

‘Gossip Girl’ starlet thrills the big screen

Leighton Meester's dark side revealed in "The Roommate"

Knock-out performances in “The Fighter”

It's been more than a decade since boxing great "Irish" Micky Ward vindicated himself in the ring, overcoming a life of poverty and has-been status with a series of wins that led to his epic victory against Shea Neary in 2000. This month, Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams bring the gritty story to life on the big screen in "The Fighter."

‘Jackass’ makes its 3-D debut

The audience howls, shrieks with disgust and stares in silence as daredevil Steve-O bounces several stories in the air, buckled into the toilet seat of a used (and very full) Porta Potty attached to oversized bungee cords. It feels like human waste splatters not just Steve-O, but also the audience.

‘Comedians of Chelsea Lately’ show their shtick beyond TV

Brad Wollack kicked off the "Comedians of Chelsea Lately" show at The Fillmore Miami Beach theatre Friday night to an orchestra of laughter. The diverse audience - truly a microcosm of Miami's metropolitan community - quickly let their political correctness go as fast as they sipped cocktails and beer.

Director exposes the public school system: A Q&A with Davis Guggenheim...

A silent plague has affected every American public school student for the last four decades. As educational spending has more than doubled since 1971, reading and math scores have remained stagnant, leaving our country unprepared for economic growth.

It ain’t easy faking easy: Leading lady Emma Stone discusses new come...

Promiscuity, virginity, gossip, relationships and scandal. The topics explored in "Easy A" are hardly groundbreaking for the teenage romantic comedy.

Rapper T.I. appears on the big screen

He's a musician, convicted felon, husband and father whose most recent drama eclipses the headlines that have made him a household name.

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