Graduate comes of age after a wild night


The shoulder pads, excess materialism, dance music and drug use that defined the ‘80s come back to life in the comedy “Take Me Home Tonight.” Unlike period pieces that spoof the disco decade (remember Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer?”), “Take Me Home Tonight” explores the ‘80s with dignity, paying homage to the entertaining coming of age stories that made director John Hughes (“Pretty in Pink,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Breakfast Club”) a Hollywood legend.

The film tells the story of Matt Franklin (Topher Grace), a nerdy yet charming MIT graduate stuck living with his family and working at a video rental store. His luck, sobriety and sanity do a 180 during one wild night with his high school crush, Tori Frederking (Teresa Palmer).

The Miami Hurricane interviewed the co-stars during a recent stop in Miami.

The Miami Hurricane: The sex scenes are super hot. Did you guys feel into it? Were you in that moment?

Teresa Palmer: I was so in it. I don’t know about [Topher].

Topher Grace: Here’s what happened on the set. And this has only happened to me only a couple times. Teresa got a little unprofessional.

Palmer: I got a little carried away with myself.

Grace: A little handsy.

TMH: Teresa, out of all the men you’ve been with…

Palmer: Been with? What?

TMH: On camera. How does Topher compare?

Palmer:  I think he’s a close second to Daniel Radcliffe from “Harry Potter.”

Grace: Oh. Out of the two you’ve been with, I’m number two and Daniel Radcliffe is the first one?

Palmer: Um, no. There’s actually been a few more, buddy. I sort of had a makeout scene with Adam Sandler. It was just a little peck, but sorry.

Grace: Now I’m back to number three.

Palmer: Yeah, you’ve been bumped down a little. And Stephen Moyer from “True Blood.”

Grace: Oh my God, I am number four.

TMH: Topher, Anna Faris plays your sister in the movie. Her boyfriend is played by Chris Pratt, who is her husband in real life.

Palmer: Yes, they met on the movie!

Grace: He proposes to her in the film. It doesn’t go so well for that couple, but in real life [they] wound up getting married. In a lot of the [film] junkets, you say, ‘We were all really good friends.’ The truth is that’s not the truth most of the time. We all remained really close. I feel like when the cast is that good of friends… it bleeds into the movie.

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