Breslin, 15, voice of mouse in “Rango”

Courtesy Nick Maslow
Courtesy Nick Maslow

One of the youngest actresses to ever be nominated for an Academy Award sits patiently in front of a camera crew in the Downtown Miami Four Seasons. But as the unknowing antithesis to the starlet cliche, Abigail Breslin exudes less of a Hollywood air than a 15 year old you’d meet at an outlet mall.

This weekend, the actress’ voice returns to movie theaters in “Rango,” an animated western starring Johnny Depp. With equal parts comedy and drama, “Rango” is the tale of a chameleon struggling to save a small town’s limited water resources.

The Miami Hurricane recently sat down with Breslin to discuss her career and latest role.

The Miami Hurricane: Most 15-year-olds are in school today. You’re here at the Four Seasons in downtown Miami doing interviews for what’s sure to be another Hollywood blockbuster. A lot of people are envious of that, I’m sure. But is it ever tough on you?

Abigail Breslin: First of all, I’m still in school. I do online high school; algebra- not my favorite thing. But everybody has been very nice. I’m just having a good time with it. I’m very excited for “Rango” to come out.

TMH: You’ve experimented with every medium from film to the stage. What is the most challenging for you?

AB: Probably the stage just because it’s live and you don’t have time to re-do it. The character that I played on Broadway, Helen Keller, is such a physically demanding [role] but also emotional.

TMH: Tell us about Priscilla, your character in Rango.

AB: She’s a very, sort of morbid, dry, strange, little mouse. She’s very doubtful of Rango to begin with, and then they form a strange little friendship.

TMH: I’m so curious about how you guys made the film. When you watch it, it looks like all of the action emulates normal human interaction.

AB: Yeah, exactly. We filmed it together, on a stage. It was actually like we were acting off of each other like in a movie and then they just animated it. [They] sort of took our emotions and applied it to that, so that’s what is so great about it.

TMH: Johnny Depp is a mysterious actor. What was it like working with him in that setting?

AB: He’s just a really nice guy. He was very sweet.

TMH: What’s your favorite performance in the movie- besides yourself?

AB: I think that all of the characters are very unique. Everybody did a really great job with their characters. They make me laugh.