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UM Professor Ivan Albreht uses ceramics to understand the fragility of the ...

Albreht teaches ceramics and sculpture in the University of Miami Art Department. Showcased in this year’s UM faculty exhibition at the University of Miami Gallery in Wynwood is his work “Great 8 (G8) With a Small Problem.”

Denis Villeneuve’s mega-success ‘Dune’ explores intergala...

Denis Villeneuve’s newest film “Dune” is an adaptation to Frank Herbert’s quintessential science fiction novel of the same name. Other filmmakers such as David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky tried to capture the notoriously difficult grandeur that this novel encompasses. Yet, Villeneuve most captures Herbert’s original vision — one that puts nature at the forefront, like a character with a mind of its own. At the same time, one that captures the political implications that humankinds’ intent at dominion over it entails.

UM Faculty Gallery teaches community more about the personality of campus s...

Currently, art created by UM faculty is on display at the 2021 Faculty Exhibition.

James Wan’s ‘Malignant’ provides a once-in-a-lifetime exp...

Wan repeatedly demonstrates his tremendous talent by effectively scaring an audience with a plot that is often miles beyond the regular horror film. “Insidious,” for example, explores the concept of astral projections and sleep paralysis. In “Saw,” he brilliantly connects the concepts of sin and remorse through a wicked game of punishment. With Wan, one thing is for certain, and that is originality.

The heavy burden of being first: Marvel’s Shang-Chi

Although the film has seen growing controversy about its superficial portrayal of Chinese culture, it is noble in its attempt to give proper homage to Chinese culture and showcase the country to a world-wide audience.

‘Madan Sara:’ When art becomes activism

TMH sits down with Haitian filmmaker Etant Dupain to discuss Haiti, his new film and what is to come.

Kanye’s longest twitter rant yet–but is he onto something this ...

Whether you are a West stan or not, music does need a change of command, and it is in the power of artists to join together to demand fairer treatment. If it’s West that leads the way, then so be it.

Cosford Cinema starts semester strong with ‘Once Upon a Time in Holly...

The audience– movie buffs and casual viewers alike– appreciated how insanely good DiCaprio is at acting and had a great time watching the combination of comedy and classic Tartantinian violence unfold on screen.

Film as a time machine: Godard’s ‘Breathless’

A monthly analyzation of vintage films with UM motion pictures student Martin Hidalgo. Edition one focuses on Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" (1960), available for free on Kanopy with a UM email.

Netflix bought ‘Seinfeld,’ but is it really better than ‘...

Netflix lost two of the most relevant shows in its catalog– "The Office" and "Friends"– and acquired "Seinfeld" as a replacement. But, can it really replace two shows that people everywhere, regardless of age, still watch?

Martin Hidalgo