Former SG president Brandon Gross says goodbye


Dear Canes,

How quickly has the time passed? It feels as if it were just yesterday that we began serving you. But, here we are, almost a year later, welcoming a new group of SG leadership. It has truly been an outstanding experience and a privilege to serve you. We have made it our mission to live up to our motto of integrity, leadership and service. But beyond that, we are leaving having kept our commitment. It was not an easy task as it took a lot of work, collaboration and dedication. I would personally like to thank the Executive Board, all members of SG, the administration and, most of all, the students.

We have worked on many projects that we hope will continue to benefit you. We currently have five ZipCars on campus with plans to expand the fleet this semester. Also, Starbucks is open later on Sundays, the parking lot by the Wellness Center is all-access, you can all now register for classes online, UBikes are available at the bookstore, the Health Center is open on Sundays, the Latin Honor policy was revised thanks to the Senate, and there is a recycling bin next to nearly every trash can on campus thanks to GreenU. We also continue to work on our promise to improve advising. A proposal has been presented to the deans and SG will continue to move forward with the project this coming year with the information that we received from you through the advising survey.

It has been some year and we are very excited for what is to come. I can’t believe that a year has gone by since we began, but here we are. Our time has passed and the time has come to say goodbye. From the “Committed To U” team, we would like to congratulate the newly installed SG leaders for 2009-2010. We know that Lionel, Kristen, Jeremy, Christina and Amy will do an outstanding job and we wish them the very best!

I have truly enjoyed every moment of this past year. Thanks for everything and GO CANES!

-Brandon Gross
President, Student Government