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From tragedy to making change: Rape survivor gives back to community, encou...

“I was completely unconscious, only waking up a few times to see and feel what was happening,” recalled Emily Andrews, 21. “When I finally woke up and regained control, my rapist was laying his body on mine."

Around the world in five hours: SOBEWFF’S Grand Tasting Village bring...

One of the most popular and affordable events of the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Goya Foods' Grand Tasting Village, welcomed ticket holders to sample food and drink from the finest chefs, caterers, wine enthusiasts and bartenders of Miami and beyond.

6 spring fashion trends to look out for

Showcased almost six months ago during Spring/Summer Fashion Weeks in Milan, New York, London, Paris and more, here are six runway-ready ways to elevate your closet right now.

Miami therapists on sex, sexuality, where to begin

Sex takes slip-ups and embarrassing moments. It takes learning your body and that of your partners. It takes practice. And, even when you think you've got it all together, you probably don't.

Tips for getting fit the healthy way

There is no magic way to get your desired figure without implementing a lifestyle changes, but students should remember that a few slip ups here and there are not the end of the world.

‘Lez fall in love & get it on’: A Valentine’s playli...

Whether the genre of choice is R&B, hiphop or pop– whether the occasion calls for a an anxiety-ridden love confession or an intimate night with your long-term lover– "Lez fall in love & get it on" has something for everyone.

Cosmopolitan pulls ‘Bachelor’ cover amid contestant’s all...

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so Victoria F. can wear whatever she wants. But, also, Cosmopolitan does reserve the right to put whoever they want on their cover," Victoria Asland, a freshman at the University of Miami, said of the situation.

‘Blacker the berry, sweeter the juice’: A playlist celebrating ...

While Black History surely extends far beyond this short, fifteen-song playlist, celebrating black artists at the top of their game, black artists looking to uplift and empower their community and historic songs integral to the black experience is a great place to start.

REVIEW: Rap’s biggest stars perform at Super Bowl Music Fest, bring b...

The smell of freshly-wrapped blunts being lit that, up until then, had only played a minor factor, now spread so much that it was the only smell worth mentioning, even more than the stench and desperation of canned beer and cheap cologne.

Beaux Arts Festival of Art returns for 69th year

Now a juried show recognized as one of the leading art shows in the world, the festival hosts over 200 artists working with 10 different mediums, including ceramics, photography and wood.

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