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April 17 , 2024

Advice for white people meeting their partner’s black family this hol...

You have exactly five minutes after walking in to get over the initial discomfort of being the only white person in the room. Put your big girl/big guy panties on and power through because the weirder you make it, the weirder it will be for everyone. And take this as a minuscule introduction to the things your partner of color deals with every day.

The 2010s: Recounting a decade of iconic music

Simply put, this decade in music is one we won't soon forget. And with it coming to close, The Miami Hurricane thought it necessary to take a look back at the songs, artists and albums that defined it.

Resurrection Drums: A percussionist’s dream

Owner Jeff Lee, general manager Evan Kline and UM professor Steve Rucker talk music, Rez Drums and how it has been able to survive despite larger chains taking over.

Patrick Farrell on photojournalism, his career, how to make it in the indus...

Wearing a white linen shirt and flip flops with a venti Starbucks coffee in hand, Farrell seemed to be a simple man. But the salt and peppered color of his hair suggested wisdom, a man with years of experience and plenty to say.

Review: IGOR tour combines old Tyler, new Tyler, leaves crowds wanting more...

The show was weird. It was uncomfortable. But it was authentic and captivating. That's something I can definitely get behind.

Lizzo brings fat girl, black girl magic to Fillmore Miami

Immersed in the amazing talent in front of me, I was on the verge of tears after realizing how monumental and inspirational that moment was— to have someone so successful and confident for curvy girls to look up to.

‘IT’ director Andrés Muschietti talks ‘IT Chapter Tw...

In less than two weeks, “IT Chapter Two," the highly awaited finale to the highest grossing horror film of all time– hits theaters, and according to director Andrés Muschietti, fans are in for a treat.

6 tips for staying healthy in college

Staying healthy is hard. Staying healthy in college is even harder. So, the Hurricane took the guesswork out of it. Here are six easy ways to keep looking good, but more importantly, to keep feeling good.

4 apps to turn Spring cleaning into a side-hustle

While donating your old clothes and collectibles might be the easiest thing to do, these fours selling apps make de-cluttering just as simple while adding on the possibility of bringing in some extra cash.

Photo Gallery: Pride 2019

A look at Miami's 11th annual Pride Festival through the lense of Edge Editor, Jordan Lewis.

Jordan Lewis