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Friday, March 1, 2024
March 1 , 2024

Our opinion: New stadium experience great, but with room for improvement

Alex Rodriguez Park at Mark Light Field officially opened Friday night, reminding UM fans what it’s like to watch baseball without Caterpillar earthmovers outside the gates. The palm trees were up, the lights were on and the Canes were taking the freshly mowed field, just the way it should be.

Our opinion: Lack of SG options requires students to challenge new presiden...

What’s the point of democracy if there’s no competition to vote for?

Our opinion: Housing hike strikes wrong note in current economic climate

As if we haven’t spoken about the economy enough this year...In a bold move by the University, overall on campus housing will increase in price by 4.5 percent next year, and 5 percent at University Village.

Our opinion: ‘Don’t hate – participate’ for Valenti...

It’s the middle of February, so that means it’s time for the most contradictory of holidays; Valentine’s Day. For a holiday meant for love, there sure is a lot of hating going on out there.

Our opinion: SportsFest formula needs to be changed to prevent falling part...

So woopdy doo, Hecht wins SportsFest again. Who would have guessed it? Better lobbies, better athletes, hotter freshmen girls, they have it all. That makes eight years in a row where all of the other on-campus housing units lost. Thousands of students, hundreds of teams, and not one year could any of them break through?

Our opinion: Discourse between students, teachers will create better course...

Class. It’s that thing that takes up your time between drinking and sleeping, we know. Whether it’s that intro class that you think is simply a waste of time or that last requirement of your major with that professor that you HATE, class gets a bad rap around most college classes.

Our opinion: Add diversity of opinions to ‘Gang of Three’

If you haven’t heard by now, a group of three has come together to micromanage financial requests from student groups, individual programs, etc. While it’s certainly a good idea to tighten the belts around here, it might have behooved those that founded the group to think a little more about the membership of it.

Our opinion: Administration’s expectations of graduate students unfai...

No longer will graduate students be allowed to live there. A comment by the vice president for Student Affairs Patricia A. Whitely claimed that graduate students are more capable of finding off-campus housing than undergraduates. Let that sit for a moment.

Our opinion: Cold snap should be taken in stride

I said brrrr, it’s cold in here, it must be…an arctic breeze from the North Pole? It seems as though the man upstairs decided to throw us South Floridians a knuckleball weather-wise. Whoever heard of 40 degrees in Miami? It sounds like some sort of sick joke.

Our opinion: Time to change, time to serve

In the weeks leading up to Martin Luther King Day on Monday, the King family made a point to emphasize the importance of giving back to local communities in the wake of the current economic crisis. Many give back by serving meals to the homeless, assisting the elderly, tutoring young children, cleaning the beach and stocking food banks. The list goes on.

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