Our opinion: ‘Don’t hate – participate’ for Valentine’s Day, lover or no

It’s the middle of February, so that means it’s time for the most contradictory of holidays: Valentine’s Day. For a holiday meant for love, there sure is a lot of hating going on out there.

We all see the couples walking around with a little extra bounce in their step and the single people who can barely pick their head up off the ground. V-Day seems to be the “country club” of holidays. For celebrations like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah, people come from miles away to gather in large groups, celebrate and generally have a good time together. For the 14th of February, two is the loneliest number if you’re not in a relationship.

Of course, there’s a lot to hate about Cupid’s day. Your friends are annoying and shut you out. It’s impossible to buy a good box of chocolate or a dozen roses. You feel obligated to buy a box of those little cards you gave away in elementary school, in case someone gives an “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” to you.

But why the vitriol from the single ladies and gentlemen? There are relationships and mushy couples throughout the whole year, but no one raises a stink (except for the most bitter and jaded of us). Ultimately, we think it comes down to acceptance. Whether it’s a “greeting card” holiday or not, it still feels pretty bad to be shut out by a large chunk of society. When you feel like there’s a party going on and you’re not invited, you’re bound to be angry and dismiss the others. But that’s not the answer.

Accept what you are. The couples are perfectly happy going around coupling and doing what couples do; accept the awesomeness of singledom. Hit the Grove and try to pick up some singles action. Hang out with your other single friends and just be. Don’t hate – participate! We think that when you wake up on the 15th, whether it be with someone or without, you’ll feel a lot better.