Our opinion: Cold snap should be taken in stride

I said brrrr, it’s cold in here, it must be…an arctic breeze from the North Pole? It seems as though the man upstairs decided to throw us South Floridians a knuckleball weather-wise. Whoever heard of 40 degrees in Miami? It sounds like some sort of sick joke.

But at least it gives us something to talk about. There are about 10 days out of the year where, if you’re from the north, you get to throw on your freshest hoodie and layer up a bit, or, if you’re from down here, the kids from up north get to laugh while you scramble to find that winter jacket you got four years ago when you went skiing.

Most of us probably talk to their friends and family from back home on a regular basis and for a lot of us, those people either live or go to school where it’s frigid most of the year. They ask “How are you, how’s school?” and when it’s 64 degrees out and you’re shivering, it’s almost automatic to say, “It’s freezing here, man.” This is the point in the conversation when there’s usually a long pause, and your friend blurts out, “It’s f-ing two below zero!”

So we can complain when it’s too cold out to go to the beach, but it should definitely be noted that almost any day of the year we CAN go to the beach.

While it seems that the temperature is looking favorable for the coming weeks, we never know when it will turn on us, so be glad that when you find yourself ordering soup and hot coffee and wearing wool hats and Uggs, it only happens once in a blue moon.