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February 28 , 2024

Who we are

The charismatically outspoken Winston Churchill once candidly remarked: “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”

Smoking on campus is a choice and a right

The following statement coincidentally was released only weeks after the recent smoking ban at the Miller School of Medicine: “Dear UM Student, Effective Fall 2010 there will be a $50.00 per sem...

B.o.B. not another one-hit wonder

Atlanta-based artist B.o.B, whose acclaimed single “Nothin’ on You[feat: Bruno Mars]” has reached near platinum status, believes his unique sound and musical style is unlike the rest. The Miami Hurricane recently had the opportunity to interview the artist and find out what exactly separates him from a myriad of performers plagued by the “one-hit wonder” label.

The Anomaly of the Modern Tea Party

The tea party is marching towards Washington. Again. This occasion, however, is not in protest of a specific piece of legislation. The April 15 scheduled event is an all-out protest on what is seen...

Saving lives and solving problems

Aside from the pejorative critics of the surreal media-driven political theatre that resulted from the recent passage of the health care reform bill in partisan Washington, many Americans are still asking what affect the bill will have on them. More specifically, what do the provisions in the nearly 2,000-page bill do for those most in need in South Florida?

Afghanistan could be Obama’s Vietnam

Although decidedly less candid and more eloquent than his predecessor, the clock may well have been turned back eight years to when Bush addressed the West Point graduates where he defiantly praised American superiority and the necessity for total American involvement in the “war on terror.”

Afghanistan war unwinnable

The president has stated repeatedly that this is “not another Vietnam,” but the realities prove otherwise.

College kids and health care reform

What will health care reform entail for the futures of the nearly 15 million college students nationwide?

La vida madrilena

As I write this article sitting under a tree in perfect homage to Socrates in Madrid's famed Parque del Retiro contemplating how to possibly place my experience abroad thus far into words, I find it fitting to begin with a recommendation.

UM Rugby continues an era of excellence

Although not one of the commonly highlighted club sports, UM rugby looks to rise back to national prominence.

Daniel Medina

Contributing Columnist