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February 29 , 2024

Another bailout? Should we or should we not?

Less than 60 days after Congress passed the historic 700 billion dollar bailout package to aid the failing financial sector, the nations three largest automakers last week strolled to Washington for their own piece of the pie.

What you should be listening to: A look at three of the most talked about b...

Get an inside look into the indie rock scene and some of it's headliners.

A preview of the Hurricanes’ basketball season

The Hurricanes Men’s basketball team is ranked #16 in preseason polls. It is the highest pre-season ranking in team history.

It’s the end of true free-market capitalism as we know it

Over the last two weeks as Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson, Federal Reserve Chairman and Secretary of the Treasury respectively, paraded through Washington seeking to gain support for their proposed $700 billion financial bailout package, both Congress and the general public were apprehensive.

Students react to Emergency Notification Network test last Thursday

On Thursday at 12:15 p.m., the university launched a full-scale test of its Emergency Notification Network, an campus-wide communications system that sends text messages, e-mails and voicemail messages to cell, home and office phones in the event of an emergency.

Revolution, anyone?

While the two parties were meeting to discuss 'Change,' one OB/GYN from Texas was actually changing and inspiring the political landscape.

The Unlikely Choice: Barack Obama

As the Democratic National Convention begins this week, so do the questions remain regarding the party's candidate, Barack Obama. Is he too young? Inexperienced? Ready to lead the nation in a time of war?

Daniel Medina

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