From ‘Canes to Cannes: Miami’s 48-Hour Film Project

Photo credit: Vatsal Lahoti
Photo credit: Vatsal Lahoti

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or actor? Do you have a few friends and 48 hours to spare? Grab your camera and gather your crew because Arts Accelerator is partnering with the 48-Hour Film Project to hold a film contest from Sep. 8-10 in Miami.

The contest challenges participants to create a film within 48 hours. On Sep. 8, teams will select a random genre out of a hat and receive additional instructions for their film.

Once submitted, a panel of judges will decide the local awards, and all participants are then invited to attend a screening of the films. The “Best Film” award winner will be entered in the Filmapalooza Festival in March of 2024 and be eligible for a screening at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner.

Arts Accelerator is collaborating with the project in an effort to uplift local talent. Dana DellaCamera, the city producer for Miami, notes that Arts Accelerator hopes to unite local filmmakers through events like this.

“The intention is to bring the community together and hopefully strengthen it to create a sustainable film industry in South Florida,” DellaCamera said.

A global initiative, this challenge takes place in 100 cities worldwide, reaching the United States, Africa, Europe and more. It is a prime opportunity for students to gain real-world exposure to the industry and networking with fellow creatives.

“It’s like a point of entry for anyone that’s ever been interested in breaking into the industry, and it’s a great exercise in solving problems on set and being creative,” DellaCamera said.

Amateurs and experts alike learn from each other throughout the challenge. DellaCamera encourages filmmakers to focus on the quality of sound in their work.

“The one thing you cannot compromise on is sound,” DellaCamera said. “They’re more likely to watch something that has a lower production quality but a better story and sound.”

With strong storytelling and commitment to your craft, this opportunity could be a worthwhile investment in a student’s career and future in the film industry.

Interested students can register online for the 48-Hour Film Project.

Arts Accelerator is also accepting submissions for the Arts Accelerator Film Festival in Fort Lauderdale on Sept. 23. This event will include workshops to build professional creative skills, networking opportunities with fellow filmmakers and inclusion in the South Florida emerging filmmakers talent showcase.