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July 23 , 2024

Feeling under the weather? Follow these remedies for college sickness

As college students, we’re no strangers to the infamous frat flu and the annual semester sickness, but what do you do when you’re miles away from home and mom can’t make you her mira...

Jordan Betten on sustainable art and modern urbanism

Miami artist Jordan Betten, a self-described “urbanist,” promotes sustainability through his abstract sculptures and paintings. With roots in New York City and inspiration from Miami, Bett...

From ‘Canes to Cannes: Miami’s 48-Hour Film Project

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or actor? Do you have a few friends and 48 hours to spare? Grab your camera and gather your crew because Arts Accelerator is partnering with the 48-Hour Film Project to h...

Ximena Hidalgo