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July 23 , 2024

SoC students get a head start

Now celebrating its 25-year anniversary, the School of Communication is giving students more opportunities to develop practical skills than ever. Located at the northern end of campus, the school off...

Wellness center a place of learning and fun

For many students, coming to college is not only about learning academic skills. Students seek opportunities that allow them to attain life skills only found outside the classroom. At the University of Miami, one such opportunity can be found is at the Coral Gables Wellness Center, and more specifically, in their Instructional Program. The types of programs offered cover the entire spectrum of recreational and fitness activities including: Aquatics, Dance classes, Martial Arts, exercise and sports lessons. According to the University of Miami website, the Instructional Programs "are taught by nationally certified professionals, and are open to everyone, regardless of membership status."

Be Smoke Free helps blow away addiction

Whether it is drinking too much alcohol on the weekends, driving a little to recklessly on the highway, or being a little too cavalier in one's sex life, kicking one's bad habits can be incredibly difficult.

A remarkable loss, a healthy gain

With the stresses of college life, gaining weight might be one of our easiest tasks. Struggling to lose and keep off the weight, however, can prove to be a burdensome and arduous task.

Patrick H. Todd