A remarkable loss, a healthy gain

Michael Acosta, a sophomore, works out on the Biangular Chest Press at the wellness center on Tuesday, February 23rd. "I generally try to work out a different part of my body each day; for example, my back one day, my arms and legs another. I also use the elliptical or run the track alot and do weightwatchers as well." Acosta has lost 90lbs since last May and has maintained his current weight since December.

With the stresses of college life, gaining weight might be one of the easiest tasks. Struggling to lose and keep off the weight can prove burdensome and arduous.
But sophomore Michael Acosta managed to lose a remarkable 90 pounds in six months.
“I had been overweight my entire life,” said Acosta, a psychology and theater major. Last May, he decided to make a change. “I don’t want to say I was unhappy with my life, I just knew I wasn’t at the potential that I wanted to be and I knew my weight was something I could control.”
Acosta decided change his eating habits and alter his lifestyle.
“One day I just got up and said I wasn’t happy with myself and that I was going to change it,” he said. “And that’s what I did.”
Acosta joined a local Weight Watchers group close to his home in Kendall and began a daily exercise routine.
“I was able to eat whatever I wanted to eat, just in moderation,” he said.
He also began an exercise routine of mostly cardio work. Acosta said he went to the Wellness Center and ran three miles or hopped on the elliptical machine.
Toward the end of last year, he hired a personal trainer at the Wellness Center to help plan his workout. He said he exercised just about every day in his six-month effort to lose weight.
“When I met Michael at the Spring Involvement Fair on Feb. 4, I was very intrigued,” said Patty Swift, assistant director of wellness and recreation, “He lost weight the right way- no fad diets, just common-sense eating and exercise. I’m convinced there are young men and women out there who can identify with Michael.”
After six months of diligent work, Acosta dropped from 260 pounds to 170. Although this drastic transformation is uncommon, the methodology used was effective. Some might ask, was Acosta’s weight loss too much too soon?
“It’s a lot of weight but the key is that he did it right,” said Tony Musto, associate director of fitness programs and wellness, in an e-mail to The Miami Hurricane.
For other students, many of the methods Acosta used can be found here on campus at the Wellness Center. It is equipped with diet and nutrition experts to evaluate and develop eating guidelines specific to individuals.
Acosta still exercises regularly and says he feels better and has more confidence and self-esteem.
“I walk around school and people don’t recognize me,” he said.

Patrick Todd may be contacted at ptodd@themiamihurricane.com.