From The Miami Hurricane: on publishing op-eds

Photo credit: Roberta Macedo

The mission of the opinion section of The Miami Hurricane is to disseminate different viewpoints, raise public discourse and further explore issues in the news that our readers care about. It’s the only place in the paper where authors are free to share their personal thoughts and beliefs about different subjects.

An op-ed is an opinion piece that expresses the view of an individual writer, usually on a topic in news or culture that is relevant to a newspaper’s audience. The word “op-ed” is derived from traditional placement of commentary pieces on the page opposite a newspaper’s editorial page.

TMH hopes to expand the scope of the op-eds published this semester to better encompass views held by our readers and the UM community in general, as op-ed writers do not need to be on TMH’s staff. A good op-ed will cut through the noise, delivering fresh perspective on current topics relevant to TMH’s readers.

Strong op-eds support their arguments with personal experience and expertise, using verifiable facts, quotes and data. Ideally, an op-ed will offer captivating arguments that challenge conventional wisdom or elevate discussion on widely recognized issues. We all have opinions, so make a compelling case as to why the average reader should consider yours.

TMH typically publishes opinion pieces that are about 700 words long, but we will publish essays that are shorter and longer. Writers can submit a full draft, but if you have an outline or so much as an idea, do not hesitate to reach out as our opinion editor would be happy to work with you on bringing that idea to fruition.

Publishing an op-ed through an established platform like TMH is an opportunity to share your ideas with a wide audience while elevating your argumentative writing skills and challenging both yourself and the views that you hold.

If you would like to submit an op-ed or an op-ed idea, please email