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March 2 , 2024

New product line made in safe work setting

For the past year, the University of Miami, in conjunction with Follett Higher Education Group, has been selling a new product line that adheres to fair labor practices. Knights Apparel, the leadi...

UM bookstore offers textbook rental service

Sophomores Alex Schrieks and Brandon Lay search for textbooks in the UM bookstore. Rent-A-Text is a program that started fall 2010 as a Student Government initiative. Adrianne D'Angelo//Assistant Phot...

Four Loko gets a healthy makeover

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced last week that many caffeinated alcoholic beverages posed a public health concern and could not remain on the market in their current form—one of them being the coveted Four Loko.

Community space created for Canes

Thanks to one service-oriented organization, University of Miami students now have a new place to show their school pride.

Having fun without getting faded

The University of Miami’s alcohol education program, Pier 21, is hosting an interactive Alcohol Awareness Week starting this Monday. The week’s events feature fun, sober activities for students to enjoy.

Young politicians host debate

The Council for Democracy, in association with College Republicans and College Democrats, hosted a policy debate Monday to help increase voter awareness on hot topics in American domestic politics such as healthcare reform, immigration reform, energy dependency and the economy.

ICEE machine delayed

Students and faculty were disappointed to find that the much-anticipated ICEE machines were not installed in the campus convenience store Monday. As promised in the UFirst campaign, Student Government (SG) worked with Auxiliary Services to bring ICEEs to UM, but an installation snag is making students wait a little longer.

Four Loko a cheap but potentially harmful buzz

With an undisclosed amount of caffeine and a variety of other energy drink ingredients—taurine, guarana, and wormwood (the active ingredient in absinthe)—you’d be ‘loko’ to drink one of these.

Students take club to new heights

Driven by a shared passion for kiteboarding, a diverse group of kite board athletes is working together to make the extreme sport accessible to University of Miami students and faculty.

SG rallies for civic involvement

Florida’s approaching statewide gubernatorial and senatorial elections inspired University of Miami students to form a multi-organizational voter registration committee, focusing on increasing civic consciousness and informing students about issues that impact them as Coral Gables residents.

Nicolette Roque

Assistant News Editor