Having fun without getting faded

The University of Miami’s alcohol education program Pier 21 is hosting an interactive Alcohol Awareness Week starting this Monday. The week’s events feature sober activities for students to enjoy.

Facebook-inspired events such as “Get Poked” and “Wall Post” include rock-climbing, inflatable jousting, sports and free food. Some events will be paired with informational sessions, such as the evening comedy “Trashed” with comedian Wendi Fox sharing her truthful stories about high-risk drinking.

The organization’s objective is not to condemn alcohol consumption, but instead to educate students about the negative consequences of high-risk usage of alcohol and other drugs. Pier 21’s mission is to promote healthy lifestyles as well as a sense of social responsibility.

“I think it’s important that Alcohol Awareness Week is focusing on educating students about using alcohol responsibly since its such a theme in college life,” junior Winston Bernard said.

Alcohol Awareness Week will feature many events located in the UC Patio, the Rock and the Rathskeller. One event, titled “Status Update,” will involve shooting pool in the Rat with CASTLE, a special interest housing group that hosts alcohol-free activities for residents.

Pier 21 and CASTLE hope to get student support and attention for their events and cause. The main objective for Alcohol Awareness Week is to change attitudes about substance use and increase a commitment to sobriety within the university.

However, it is difficult to garner support for a topic many college students do not want to hear about or have heard enough about already.

“The event line-up sounds great, I just don’t know how effective it would be,” junior and former CASTLE resident Jamie Ponmattam said. “If I see something as I’m passing by I might stop in, but probably not.”

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