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UM contract workers, faculty stage ‘die-in’ protest demanding r...

Many of the protestors laid down to symbolize dead bodies, holding signs that represent gravestones that called on UM to take action. Faculty members chanted, “I cannot teach if I die,” and “my students are getting sick.”

Class-action lawsuits against UM for spring tuition refund move forward

This lawsuit against the University of Miami is one of 30 class-action lawsuits filed against universities around the country, which include Drexel University, University of California-Berkeley and Boston University.

Tik Tok video shows UM students partying in dorms

This screenshot from a Tik Tok video is one of multiple social media posts that have shown UM students partying in close confines.

Students petition to rename Merrick Building on campus over George Merrick&...

“Working with local Miami-based historians, our group investigated Merrick’s past and discovered much evidence confirming that George E. Merrick boldly held and acted upon, racist segregationist beliefs throughout his life, including in his role as head of the Miami-Dade Planning Board,” the petition read.

Student leaders share why UM needs more Black faculty

Under President Julio Frenk, the number of Black faculty at the university increased 26 percent from 159 to 200 individuals, making up 5.1 percent of the faculty.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs bill allowing student athletes compensation for nam...

The bill grants players the opportunity to "earn compensation for the use of her or his name, image, or likeness. Such compensation must be commensurate with the market value of the authorized use of the athlete's name, image, or likeness."

Several fall classes move to mixed online format without notice

“I think it would’ve been respectful to receive an email from the school explaining why my classes were switched rather than having me check can link to find my classes online, said senior Gabby Butman. “As a senior, it is upsetting that I am missing out on some of my last memories and experiences because now I will be spending the majority of my time at home on the computer.”

UM alum released from Taliban custody after three years of captivity

Kevin King, a 63-year-old graduate of the University of Miami, was one of two professors kidnapped by the Taliban in 2016.

UMPD: property theft still biggest crime on campus

"Theft of unattended property has always been the biggest issue, which is 100% preventable," Martinez said. "Don't leave your things unattended for a second. It will grow legs and it will vanish."

Local police agencies host event to promote safe driving practices

The purpose of the event was to raise educate and promote mobility safety, whether by driving a car, walking down the street or riding a bike.

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